WE ENCOURAGE INDIVIDUALS AND RESIDENTS TO SEEK RESOLUTION OF DISPUTES WITHIN THE HOME – either with a house manager, senior resident or with the home operator. If a dispute or complaint cannot be resolved in that manner, individuals and residents of currently approved Connecticut Alliance of Recovery Residences homes have the right to file a grievance. If you are filing a grievance regarding a non CTARR member house our efforts may be limited to help resolve your grievance. 

  1. IF YOUR DISPUTE IS WITH ANOTHER RESIDENT: Make a written complaint to the house manager, senior resident, head of household, or equivalent responsible person.
  2. IF YOUR DISPUTE IS WITH A MANAGER OR SENIOR RESIDENT/HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD: Make a written complaint to the home’s operator or management representative.
  3. IF THE YOUR DISPUTE IS WITH THE OPERATOR OF THE HOME, OR IF YOU FEEL YOUR PRIOR COMPLAINT HAS BEEN IGNORED AT THE RESIDENCE LEVEL: You may file a formal, written grievance with the Connecticut Alliance of Recovery Residences through this website using the contact form below.

Fill in required fields. Grievances must be submitted online, signed (adding your name to the form below will constitute an electronic signature), and include an email address and phone number where you may be contacted. Formal grievances may not be lodged by phone. However, if you wish to contact CTARR by phone for information about the process, you may call 203-936-7829. Complaints need to be specific enough to support fact finding.